The customer card.

OSCARwash isn’t just gentle on the lacquer, but also on your wallet. You can benefit even more with our customer card. It’s easy to use and offers many attractive discounts, too. Of course, you can also get the customer card without a credit balance on it. You can then still benefit from the loyalty bonuses and even get every 11th car wash free of charge!

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Top-up bonus.

You payYou receiveYou saveBonus
From CHF 50.–CHF 55.–CHF 5.–10 %
From CHF 200.–CHF 230.–CHF 30.–15 %
From CHF 300.–CHF 360.–CHF 60.–20 %
From CHF 500.–CHF 625.–CHF 125.–25 %

Loyalty discount.

If you wash your car with us within 14 days, you will always receive our ‘happy hour’ price (e.g. a gold wash for CHF 24.00 instead of CHF 28.00).

Super loyalty discount.

On top of this, you will receive a CHF 1 discount on the gold, silver and bronze washing programmes if you wash your car with us within 7 days.

Birthday bonus.

If you top up your customer card by at least CHF 200 a year, you will receive a free wash of your choice on your birthday (+/- 2 days).