FAQ – your questions, our answers.

We answer our customers’ most frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our expert staff on site.

1. Can my car be scratched in the automatic car wash?
We need to go into a little more detail here, right from the start. If you — like us — understand "scratches" to mean (irreparable) damage to the lacquer topcoat, we can say, without any reservation, that our OSCAR automatic car wash systems do not scratch the lacquer on your car. But it would be illusory to claim that not every mechanical rub on lacquer is always easy to see. Even fine work carried out to a lacquer — even with a dust cloth — leaves the finest traces. In many comparative studies, however, washing in an (modern) automatic car wash system came off better than hand washing. If you also want to "cover up" these microscopically small traces of machine washing, only using wax can help. This closes the "pores" of the lacquer, as it were, and provides the perfect shine. This is why we recommend that you always use a wax programme - even for your convertible.

2. Why should the engine be left running in the automatic car wash?
We ask you to do this because in many car models, switching the engine off disables the steering and activates the automatic handbrake. This could lead to serious damage to the car wash and your vehicle. Also, with the engine running, it's quicker for you to drive away at the end of the car wash, which prevents unnecessary traffic jams.

3.  Why use the car wash? I can always wash my car at home.
It’s better not to. The only way to wash your car in an environmentally-friendly way, is at a professionally-equipped car wash. Unlike washing your car at home, at the car wash we invest heavily in waste water and industrial water technology so no pollutants can get into the groundwater. For this reason, washing your car at home without a mineral oil separator is prohibited by law.

4.  Can I check myself whether my lacquer is still protected?
Yes, it’s quite simple. Spray a little water on the bonnet. If the water forms large areas that no longer roll off on their own, it is high time to get a new protective coat in an automatic or self-service car wash.

5. What is the most effective way to protect my lacquer? And how often do I need to do it?
Our wax products offer optimal protection for your lacquer. Whether you apply this by hand in a self-service bay, or in our automatic car wash is up to you. Either way, you are doing something good for your car — and thus preserving its long-term value — because it protects the surface of the lacquer particularly effectively against any kind of environmental effects and, on top of that, is more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Does it make sense to wash your car even when it’s raining?
Yes, because especially when it’s raining, particularly stubborn dirt residue is soaked by the rainwater and can therefore be removed even more effectively and quickly in the car wash.

7.  Is light surface rust harmful to my car lacquer?
Yes, in the long run. Traces of rust should be removed relatively quickly in order to prevent permanent damage to the lacquer that could reduce the value of the car. Usually you will identify traces of rust from small brownish spots on the paint. One trip through the automatic car wash is unlikely to be enough to remove them. We recommend making an appointment for our OSCAR platinum service, where our professionals gently remove the surface rust without damaging the lacquer.

8.  Does using wax damage my convertible roof?
We can definitely answer this question with a ‘no’ for our automatic car wash systems. Because our quality chemical products are also particularly suitable for convertible roofs. 

9.  Does washing and/or protecting the undercarriage really achieve anything?
Absolutely! Especially in the winter months, when aggressive road salt can cause rust and corrosion, washing and protecting the undercarriage regularly can help to prevent such potential damage. 

10.  Isn't washing my car when the temperature is below zero harmful to my car?
Absolutely not. In our automatic car washes, the water is blown out of the cracks and locks by strong blowers using extreme pressure.  If you wash your car in the self-service bay at sub-zero temperatures, it can be a good idea to cover up sensitive areas, such as door locks or blow all the water out of them after washing. If your car is heavily soiled with road salt, we recommend washing and/or protecting the undercarriage. And don't forget to use care products on the rubber parts of your vehicle from time to time in winter.

11.  I found slight traces of resin on my car. What should I do?
In this case, we recommend our "OSCAR Platinum Service” because we cannot guarantee that this type of dirt will be completely removed by our automatic car wash or by hand in the self-service area. Our professionals can help out here before it gets too late. It's best to get advice on site in Zug or call us, with no obligation, on (+41) (0)41 740 59 00.

12.  Do you also offer engine washes, which I have to do before my car goes for a motor vehicle (MFK) check?
No, unfortunately we cannot offer this service - you have to contact your garage. Washing your engine in our self-service washing bays is actually forbidden by law! 

13. I have lost my customer card. What can I do? Do I still have my credit?
Yes, you still have your credit. This is stored on our servers and can easily be transferred to a new customer card. Send us an email and you will receive a new customer card a few days later by post.

14. When I order a customer card, will my data be used for marketing purposes?
Yes, but only if you allow us to do so by ticking the appropriate box. However, we use this data ONLY for internal purposes - it is NOT accessible to third parties.

15. Can I withdraw the remaining balance held on my customer card?
Yes, of course this is possible. We will transfer the funds to your account, minus the top-up bonus you received. Simply send us all the information by email and you will receive your remaining balance credited to your account within a few days.

16. Can I withdraw the remaining balance held on my customer card in OSCARwash tokens?
Yes, of course this is also possible. Simply send us all the information by email and you will receive a reply from us by email in a few days, which you can use to pick up the tokens at the cash desk.

17. Are there long waiting times at OSCARwash?
Thanks to the latest technology, our automatic car wash systems have very high capacity. In Lucerne it is about 100 cars an hour and in Zug it’s even over 200! This means that under normal circumstances long waiting times are rare.

18. Can I buy vouchers from you?
Yes, you can, at any time from the cash desk.