Lucerne self-service washing bays.

Even if it is important to you to do the job yourself, you have still hit the jackpot with us. We have a total of 8 perfectly equipped self-service washing bays at your disposal in our Lucerne car wash center – around the clock, seven days a week. You will achieve the best results if you adhere to the following programme sequence.

1. Active foam

Active foam dissolves stubborn dirt quickly and effectively. By removing the dirt thoroughly and effectively, this "power foam" also allows a particularly gentle hand wash.

2. Pressure washing

In pressure washing, a liquid cleaning agent is applied at high temperature. This is an ideal step for removing all types of dirt, and is also particularly effective for professional rim cleaning.

3. Brush washing

For a particularly thorough deep clean, use our lacquer-friendly brush wash system. This mixes active foam with water set at the ideal temperature. Please apply this evenly and with low pressure over the body of the car.

4. Rinse

To thoroughly remove the foam and all the detergents from the vehicle, apply the high-pressure wand at least 30 centimetres away from the lacquer. Continue until no more foam is being produced.

5. Wax

Our special wax is used to seal the lacquer surface. Walk around the car at least twice and spray the wax evenly with the pressure wand from a distance of about 50 centimetres.

6. Shine rinse

In this last stage you will receive ultra-pure demineralised osmosis water. The remaining water will roll off, almost completely by itself, and your vehicle will be spotlessly clean. There is hardly any need to dry it afterwards.